Watts Friction Plus provide quality brake hardware kits, shoe kits, wheel end parts, equaliser rockers, brake chambers and more for a huge range of commercial vehicles.


Brake Chambers

Watts Friction Plus provide quality brake chambers in various types for mechanical & disc brake applications. These brake boosters are high quality and comply with industry standards SAEJ1469. The Watts brake chambers represent value for money and are fully guaranteed.


The Watts equalizer rockers are high quality carbon content and metallurgical engineered to OEM specifications for high performance and safety. The equaliser tensile strength and grade of the casting meets the industry standards for quality control and safety.


The wheel end parts are crucial when replacing the wheel studs, nuts and rim clamps and axle spacer, tab washer and nut. These components are graded to original equipment standards to achieve safety standards on all commercial vehicle applications. To simplify the replacement of these components we have introduced kits to ensure all components replaced are the highest quality.


Brake hardware kits are the most common brake part replaced when relining the brake system. The Watts brake hardware kits are manufactured to the OE specification as these components are crucial the braking system efficiency and service life.


  • Hardened Rollers
  • Electroplated components
  • Heavy Duty Return Springs
  • Power Coated Springs
  • Stainless Steel & Bi-Metal Bushes
  • Includes Support Weld Washers
  • Long Anchor Pins for both shoes Specs
  • Grade 8.8 Anchor Bolt & Nut


Our commercial vehicle brake shoe kit program was the first to be introduced some 10 years ago. Today we have the most comprehensive range available in the market covering truck & trailer applications.

We also cover axle manufacturers such as BPW, Colrain, Fruehauf, KHitch, Hendrickson, Meritor, SAF, TMC & York.

Textar and Don brake friction materials are available across the entire range of brake shoe kits which include the Watts hardware kits.


The Watts camshaft is now identified with the new Watts logo stamped into the “S” cam head. All our camshafts are forged from high quality carbon steel rod and heat treated on both the journals & spline ends.

The camshaft is also machined to OE precision for longer service life. The camshaft also comes in the distinctive Watts logo packaging to protect the component from damage in transportation.


The Watts slack adjusters have always been considered high quality and repairers throughout the industry request the Watts brand first and foremost.

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